Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Pop Up Shop

The last stop of Hello Kitty's 50th Anniversary Small Gift Pop Up Shop was at Herald Square in NYC.  The line was ridiculously long to purchase items.  There were items only available at the event and the first 50 ppl in line got a free goodie bag.  The small gift shop was set up like a food truck.  When you get to the window, they hand you a menu and you give them your "order."  While this was a good idea for the densely populated area of NYC...I felt cheated.  In other cities,  they had actual space where there were other exhibits such as Hello Kitty art.  You can actually be immerse in all the cuteness of that is Hello Kitty but I digress.

Pop Up Shop

Smart Car dressed in HK

Free Goodie Bag


Lanvin x H&M Release

After waiting for 11 hours in the cold on a Friday night, I survived to see the Lanvin x H&M collection release on Nov 20th.  It was definitely worth it!  The staff not only gave us complementary goodie bag (tote bag) filled with a scarf, a limited edition magazine and a single rose (they sure know how to make a girl feel special!).  They also provided coffee and croissants before the store opened!  I brought a few items for myself! Look!!

Leopard w/crystals and blk ribbon ankle tie

in the same fashion as the leopard but its in red patent!

Flower print with a teal ribbon trim

blk patent heel with ribbon trim!
 I have various items from the collection on ebay.  Happy Shopping!! :) :)



like the title suggested...I went through all those emotions when I first laid my eyes on the above items.  All I can say now is.....SMILE!!!!  The bag is eye catching but not to over-the-top like monogram styles.  The wedges, can be worn with just about anything! Its not too crazy but enough trend and eye appeal.


currently craving....shine!

I've got an obsession for nail polishes (really! you don't say!?!).  Lately I've been wanting a break from the opaque and autumn colors that I have been wearing.  I decided on "Some Enchanted Evening" from Deborah Lippmann's limited collection "All That Jazz"

The other two colors have a nice base color with the glitter whereas "Some Enchanted Evening" has no base color at all.  It took about 3-4 coats to achieve the coverage that I got. 

I think its a good combination of being fun and dainty (anything pink makes me feel dainty) at the same time!  Besides...it'll make you smile when you catch the light off the glitter when you are busy typing away at work!


Macarons Galore!!

Ohhh macarons...so fickle to make but yet soo delicious! Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years, everyone knows what a macaron is.  It is a french almond cookie with various flavored fillings ranging from chocolate ganache to passion fruit.  This has to be one of my favorite french pastries.  Its colorful and full of flavor!  How can one not smile when they see the bright pop of colors?!?

Today I received a package from Paulette!! A belated birthday present from a friend.  As you can see from the picture, there are 24 of them! Count it, 24 cute, colorful, and tasty macarons that is waiting for me to be devour with my coffee.....needless to say I will be going on a diet as soon as these are finished!!


Chanel Khaki Collection

Yes...I splurged on the full collection of Chanel Khaki nail polishes. Yes, it is expensive but....I have yet to find a dup and besides....can't help smiling about owning a piece of Chanel (no matter how small!)